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Fast Implementation of Morphological Filtering Using ARM NEON Extension

by   Elena Limonova, et al.

In this paper we consider speedup potential of morphological image filtering on ARM processors. Morphological operations are widely used in image analysis and recognition and their speedup in some cases can significantly reduce overall execution time of recognition. More specifically, we propose fast implementation of erosion and dilation using ARM SIMD extension NEON. These operations with the rectangular structuring element are separable. They were implemented using the advantages of separability as sequential horizontal and vertical passes. Each pass was implemented using van Herk/Gil-Werman algorithm for large windows and low-constant linear complexity algorithm for small windows. Final implementation was improved with SIMD and used a combination of these methods. We also considered fast transpose implementation of 8x8 and 16x16 matrices using ARM NEON to get additional computational gain for morphological operations. Experiments showed 3 times efficiency increase for final implementation of erosion and dilation compared to van Herk/Gil-Werman algorithm without SIMD, 5.7 times speedup for 8x8 matrix transpose and 12 times speedup for 16x16 matrix transpose compared to transpose without SIMD.


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