Fast Hyperspectral Image Recovery via Non-iterative Fusion of Dual-Camera Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging

by   Wei He, et al.

Coded aperture snapshot spectral imaging (CASSI) is a promising technique to capture the three-dimensional hyperspectral image (HSI) using a single coded two-dimensional (2D) measurement, in which algorithms are used to perform the inverse problem. Due to the ill-posed nature, various regularizers have been exploited to reconstruct the 3D data from the 2D measurement. Unfortunately, the accuracy and computational complexity are unsatisfied. One feasible solution is to utilize additional information such as the RGB measurement in CASSI. Considering the combined CASSI and RGB measurement, in this paper, we propose a new fusion model for the HSI reconstruction. We investigate the spectral low-rank property of HSI composed of a spectral basis and spatial coefficients. Specifically, the RGB measurement is utilized to estimate the coefficients, meanwhile the CASSI measurement is adopted to provide the orthogonal spectral basis. We further propose a patch processing strategy to enhance the spectral low-rank property of HSI. The proposed model neither requires non-local processing or iteration, nor the spectral sensing matrix of the RGB detector. Extensive experiments on both simulated and real HSI dataset demonstrate that our proposed method outperforms previous state-of-the-art not only in quality but also speeds up the reconstruction more than 5000 times.


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