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Fast Distributed Algorithms for LP-Type Problems of Bounded Dimension

by   Kristian Hinnenthal, et al.
Universität Paderborn
TU Eindhoven

In this paper we present various distributed algorithms for LP-type problems in the well-known gossip model. LP-type problems include many important classes of problems such as (integer) linear programming, geometric problems like smallest enclosing ball and polytope distance, and set problems like hitting set and set cover. In the gossip model, a node can only push information to or pull information from nodes chosen uniformly at random. Protocols for the gossip model are usually very practical due to their fast convergence, their simplicity, and their stability under stress and disruptions. Our algorithms are very efficient (logarithmic rounds or better with just polylogarithmic communication work per node per round) whenever the combinatorial dimension of the given LP-type problem is constant, even if the size of the given LP-type problem is polynomially large in the number of nodes.


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