Fast and Efficient Skin Detection for Facial Detection

by   Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi, et al.

In this paper, an efficient skin detection system is proposed. The algorithm is based on a very fast efficient pre-processing step utilizing the concept of ternary conversion in order to identify candidate windows and subsequently, a novel local two-stage diffusion method which has F-score accuracy of 0.5978 on SDD dataset. The pre-processing step has been proven to be useful to boost the speed of the system by eliminating 82 by keeping the true positive rate above 98 algorithm is also designed to process candidate windows which is quantitatively and qualitatively proven to be very efficient in term of accuracy. The algorithm has been implemented in FPGA to obtain real-time processing speed. The system is designed fully pipeline and the inherent parallel structure of the algorithm is fully exploited to maximize the performance. The system is implemented on a Spartan-6 LXT45 Xilinx FPGA and it is capable of processing 98 frames of 640*480 24-bit color images per second.


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