Fast Agent-Based Simulation Framework of Limit Order Books with Applications to Pro-Rata Markets and the Study of Latency Effects

by   Peter Belcak, et al.

We introduce a new software toolbox, called Multi-Agent eXchange Environment (MAXE), for agent-based simulation of limit order books. Offering both efficient C++ implementations and Python APIs, it allows the user to simulate large-scale agent-based market models while providing user-friendliness for rapid prototyping. Furthermore, it benefits from a versatile message-driven architecture that offers the flexibility to simulate a range of different (easily customisable) market rules and to study the effect of auxiliary factors, such as delays, on the market dynamics. Showcasing its utility for research, we employ our simulator to investigate the influence the choice of the matching algorithm has on the behaviour of artificial trader agents in a zero-intelligence model. In addition, we investigate the role of the order processing delay in normal trading on an exchange and in the scenario of a significant price change. Our results include the findings that (i) the variance of the bid-ask spread exhibits a behavior similar to resonance of a damped harmonic oscillator with respect to the processing delay and that (ii) the delay markedly affects the impact a large trade has on the limit order book.



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