Fashion Landmark Detection and Category Classification for Robotics

03/26/2020 ∙ by Thomas Ziegler, et al. ∙ 10

Research on automated, image based identification of clothing categories and fashion landmarks has recently gained significant interest due to its potential impact on areas such as robotic clothing manipulation, automated clothes sorting and recycling, and online shopping. Several public and annotated fashion datasets have been created to facilitate research advances in this direction. In this work, we make the first step towards leveraging the data and techniques developed for fashion image analysis in vision-based robotic clothing manipulation tasks. We focus on techniques that can generalize from large-scale fashion datasets to less structured, small datasets collected in a robotic lab. Specifically, we propose training data augmentation methods such as elastic warping, and model adjustments such as rotation invariant convolutions to make the model generalize better. Our experiments demonstrate that our approach outperforms stateof-the art models with respect to clothing category classification and fashion landmark detection when tested on previously unseen datasets. Furthermore, we present experimental results on a new dataset composed of images where a robot holds different garments, collected in our lab.



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