fAshIon after fashion: A Report of AI in Fashion

by   Xingxing Zou, et al.

In this independent report fAshIon after fashion, we examine the development of fAshIon (artificial intelligence (AI) in fashion) and explore its potentiality to become a major disruptor of the fashion industry in the near future. To do this, we investigate AI technologies used in the fashion industry through several lenses. We summarise fAshIon studies conducted over the past decade and categorise them into seven groups: Overview, Evaluation, Basic Tech, Selling, Styling, Design, and Buying. The datasets mentioned in fAshIon research have been consolidated on one GitHub page for ease of use. We analyse the authors' backgrounds and the geographic regions treated in these studies to determine the landscape of fAshIon research. The results of our analysis are presented with an aim to provide researchers with a holistic view of research in fAshIon. As part of our primary research, we also review a wide range of cases of applied fAshIon in the fashion industry and analyse their impact on the industry, markets and individuals. We also identify the challenges presented by fAshIon and suggest that these may form the basis for future research. We finally exhibit that many potential opportunities exist for the use of AI in fashion which can transform the fashion industry embedded with AI technologies and boost profits.


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