Farsighted Probabilistic Sampling based Local Search for (Weighted) Partial MaxSAT

by   Jiongzhi Zheng, et al.
Huazhong University of Science u0026 Technology

Partial MaxSAT (PMS) and Weighted Partial MaxSAT (WPMS) are both practical generalizations to the typical combinatorial problem of MaxSAT. In this work, we propose an effective farsighted probabilistic sampling based local search algorithm called FPS for solving these two problems, denoted as (W)PMS. The FPS algorithm replaces the mechanism of flipping a single variable per iteration step, that is widely used in existing (W)PMS local search algorithms, with the proposed farsighted local search strategy, and provides higher-quality local optimal solutions. The farsighted strategy employs the probabilistic sampling technique that allows the algorithm to look-ahead widely and efficiently. In this way, FPS can provide more and better search directions and improve the performance without reducing the efficiency. Extensive experiments on all the benchmarks of (W)PMS problems from the incomplete track of recent four years of MaxSAT Evaluations demonstrate that our method significantly outperforms SATLike3.0, the state-of-the-art local search algorithm, for solving both the PMS and WPMS problems. We furthermore do comparison with the extended solver of SATLike, SATLike-c, which is the champion of three categories among the total four (PMS and WPMS categories, each associated with two time limits) of the incomplete track in the recent MaxSAT Evaluation (MSE2021). We replace the local search component in SATLike-c with the proposed farsighted sampling local search approach, and the resulting solver FPS-c also outperforms SATLike-c for solving both the PMS and WPMS problems.


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