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False Memory Formation in Continual Learners Through Imperceptible Backdoor Trigger

by   Muhammad Umer, et al.

In this brief, we show that sequentially learning new information presented to a continual (incremental) learning model introduces new security risks: an intelligent adversary can introduce small amount of misinformation to the model during training to cause deliberate forgetting of a specific task or class at test time, thus creating "false memory" about that task. We demonstrate such an adversary's ability to assume control of the model by injecting "backdoor" attack samples to commonly used generative replay and regularization based continual learning approaches using continual learning benchmark variants of MNIST, as well as the more challenging SVHN and CIFAR 10 datasets. Perhaps most damaging, we show this vulnerability to be very acute and exceptionally effective: the backdoor pattern in our attack model can be imperceptible to human eye, can be provided at any point in time, can be added into the training data of even a single possibly unrelated task and can be achieved with as few as just 1% of total training dataset of a single task.


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