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False Data Injection Attacks on Hybrid AC/HVDC Interconnected System with Virtual Inertia – Vulnerability, Impact and Detection

by   Kaikai Pan, et al.
Delft University of Technology

Power systems are moving towards hybrid AC/DC grids with the integration of HVDC links, renewable resources and energy storage modules. New models for frequency control have to consider the complex interactions between these components. Meanwhile, more attention should be paid to cyber security concerns as these control strategies highly depend on data communications which may be exposed to cyber attacks. In this article, for the first time, we study the false data injection attacks on the hybrid AC/DC grid with virtual inertia. We then build an optimization-based framework for vulnerability and impact analysis. It is shown that the hybrid grid with inertia emulation capability is more vulnerable to the false data injection attacks, compared with the normal AC system. We also propose a detection approach to detect and isolate each intrusion, and even recover the attack value in the steady-state behavior. In addition to theoretical results, the effectiveness of the proposed methods is validated through simulations on the two-area AC/HVDC interconnected system.


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