Fairness for Freshness: Optimal Age of Information Based OFDMA Scheduling with Minimal Knowledge

by   Bin Han, et al.

It is becoming increasingly clear that an important task for wireless networks is to minimize the age of information (AoI), i.e., the timeliness of information delivery. While mainstream approaches generally rely on the real-time observation of user AoI and channel state, there has been little attention to solve the problem in a complete (or partial) absence of such knowledge. In this article, we present a novel study to address the optimal blind radio resource scheduling problem in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access (OFDMA) systems towards minimizing long-term average AoI, which is proven to be the composition of time-domain-fair clustered round-robin and frequency-domain-fair intra-cluster sub-carrier assignment. Heuristic solutions that are near-optimal as shown by simulation results are also proposed to effectively improve the performance upon presence of various degrees of extra knowledge, e.g., channel state and AoI.



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