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Fairness Amidst Non-IID Graph Data: A Literature Review

by   Wenbin Zhang, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University
FUDAN University

Fairness in machine learning (ML), the process to understand and correct algorithmic bias, has gained increasing attention with numerous literature being carried out, commonly assume the underlying data is independent and identically distributed (IID). On the other hand, graphs are a ubiquitous data structure to capture connections among individual units and is non-IID by nature. It is therefore of great importance to bridge the traditional fairness literature designed on IID data and ubiquitous non-IID graph representations to tackle bias in ML systems. In this survey, we review such recent advance in fairness amidst non-IID graph data and identify datasets and evaluation metrics available for future research. We also point out the limitations of existing work as well as promising future directions.


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