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Fair Stochastic Interference Orchestration with Cellular Throughput Boosted via Outband Sidelinks

by   Christian Vitale, et al.

Time-domain Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) is recognized as the main driver towards efficient and effective ultra-dense network deployments. Almost Blank Subframe (ABS), as key-example of ICIC, has been recently standardized so as to achieve high spectral efficiency. As we show in this article, adopting ABS implies non-trivial complexity to be effective in multicellular environments with heterogeneous cell coverage and user density. Nonetheless, no fairness determinism is guaranteed by ICIC and ABS in particular. Instead, we analytically show that a compound exploitation of ABS with outband sidelinks used for Device-to-Device (D2D) communications on unlicensed bands not only allows to abate the complexity of operating ABS, but also results in unexpectedly high levels of fairness. Based on the analysis, we formulate a convex optimization problem to stochastically make ABS decisions while providing proportional fairness guarantees. Our results prove that, compared to a legacy system, stochastically orchestration of ABS largely boosts fairness while retaining a notable throughput gain offered by mmWave outband sidelinks used for relay.


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