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Fact-level Extractive Summarization with Hierarchical Graph Mask on BERT

by   Ruifeng Yuan, et al.

Most current extractive summarization models generate summaries by selecting salient sentences. However, one of the problems with sentence-level extractive summarization is that there exists a gap between the human-written gold summary and the oracle sentence labels. In this paper, we propose to extract fact-level semantic units for better extractive summarization. We also introduce a hierarchical structure, which incorporates the multi-level of granularities of the textual information into the model. In addition, we incorporate our model with BERT using a hierarchical graph mask. This allows us to combine BERT's ability in natural language understanding and the structural information without increasing the scale of the model. Experiments on the CNN/DaliyMail dataset show that our model achieves state-of-the-art results.


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