Facial Manipulation Detection Based on the Color Distribution Analysis in Edge Region

by   Dong-Keon Kim, et al.

In this work, we present a generalized and robust facial manipulation detection method based on color distribution analysis of the vertical region of edge in a manipulated image. Most of the contemporary facial manipulation method involves pixel correction procedures for reducing awkwardness of pixel value differences along the facial boundary in a synthesized image. For this procedure, there are distinctive differences in the facial boundary between face manipulated image and unforged natural image. Also, in the forged image, there should be distinctive and unnatural features in the gap distribution between facial boundary and background edge region because it tends to damage the natural effect of lighting. We design the neural network for detecting face-manipulated image with these distinctive features in facial boundary and background edge. Our extensive experiments show that our method outperforms other existing face manipulation detection methods on detecting synthesized face image in various datasets regardless of whether it has participated in training.



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