Face Verification System based on Integral Normalized Gradient Image(INGI)

by   V. Karthikeyan, et al.

Character identification plays a vital role in the contemporary world of Image processing. It can solve many composite problems and makes humans work easier. An instance is Handwritten Character detection. Handwritten recognition is not a novel expertise, but it has not gained community notice until Now. The eventual aim of designing Handwritten Character recognition structure with an accurateness rate of 100 recognition system uses the Neural Networks to distinguish them. Neural Network and structural characteristics are used to instruct and recognize written characters. After training and testing the exactness rate reached 99 correctness rate is extremely high. In this paper we are exploring image processing through the Hilditch algorithm foundation and structural characteristics of a character in the image. And we recognized some character of the Tamil language, and we are trying to identify all the character of Tamil In our future works.


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