Face Synthesis (FASY) System for Determining the Characteristics of a Face Image

07/05/2010 ∙ by Santanu Halder, et al. ∙ 0

This paper aims at determining the characteristics of a face image by extracting its components. The FASY (FAce SYnthesis) System is a Face Database Retrieval and new Face generation System that is under development. One of its main features is the generation of the requested face when it is not found in the existing database, which allows a continuous growing of the database also. To generate the new face image, we need to store the face components in the database. So we have designed a new technique to extract the face components by a sophisticated method. After extraction of the facial feature points we have analyzed the components to determine their characteristics. After extraction and analysis we have stored the components along with their characteristics into the face database for later use during the face construction.



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