Face Beautification: Beyond Makeup Transfer

by   Xudong Liu, et al.

Facial appearance plays an important role in our social lives. Subjective perception of women's beauty depends on various face-related (e.g., skin, shape, hair) and environmental (e.g., makeup, lighting, angle) factors. Similar to cosmetic surgery in the physical world, virtual face beautification is an emerging field with many open issues to be addressed. Inspired by the latest advances in style-based synthesis and face beauty prediction, we propose a novel framework of face beautification. For a given reference face with a high beauty score, our GAN-based architecture is capable of translating an inquiry face into a sequence of beautified face images with referenced beauty style and targeted beauty score values. To achieve this objective, we propose to integrate both style-based beauty representation (extracted from the reference face) and beauty score prediction (trained on SCUT-FBP database) into the process of beautification. Unlike makeup transfer, our approach targets at many-to-many (instead of one-to-one) translation where multiple outputs can be defined by either different references or varying beauty scores. Extensive experimental results are reported to demonstrate the effectiveness and flexibility of the proposed face beautification framework.


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