Eye Gaze Controlled Interfaces for Head Mounted and Multi-Functional Displays in Military Aviation Environment

by   LRD Murthy, et al.

Eye gaze controlled interfaces allow us to directly manipulate a graphical user interface just by looking at it. This technology has great potential in military aviation, in particular, operating different displays in situations where pilots hands are occupied with flying the aircraft. This paper reports studies on analyzing accuracy of eye gaze controlled interface inside aircraft undertaking representative flying missions. We reported that pilots can undertake representative pointing and selection tasks at less than 2 secs on average. Further, we evaluated the accuracy of eye gaze tracking glass under various G-conditions and analyzed its failure modes. We observed that the accuracy of an eye tracker is less than 5 degree of visual angle up to +3G, although it is less accurate at minus 1G and plus 5G. We observed that eye tracker may fail to track under higher external illumination. We also infer that an eye tracker to be used in military aviation need to have larger vertical field of view than the present available systems. We used this analysis to develop eye gaze trackers for Multi-Functional displays and Head Mounted Display System. We obtained significant reduction in pointing and selection times using our proposed HMDS system compared to traditional TDS.


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