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Extensively Matching for Few-shot Learning Event Detection

by   Viet Dac Lai, et al.
University of Oregon

Current event detection models under super-vised learning settings fail to transfer to newevent types. Few-shot learning has not beenexplored in event detection even though it al-lows a model to perform well with high gener-alization on new event types. In this work, weformulate event detection as a few-shot learn-ing problem to enable to extend event detec-tion to new event types. We propose two novelloss factors that matching examples in the sup-port set to provide more training signals to themodel. Moreover, these training signals can beapplied in many metric-based few-shot learn-ing models. Our extensive experiments on theACE-2005 dataset (under a few-shot learningsetting) show that the proposed method can im-prove the performance of few-shot learning


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