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Extending the Web3D: Design of Conventional GUI Libraries in X3D

by   Ivan Sopin, et al.

Extensible 3D (X3D) modeling language is one of the leading Web3D technologies. Despite the rich functionality, the language does not currently provide tools for rapid development of conventional graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Every X3D author is responsible for building from primitives a purpose specific set of required interface components, often for a single use. We address the challenge of creating consistent, efficient, interactive, and visually appealing GUIs by proposing the X3D User Interface (X3DUI) library. This library includes a wide range of cross-compatible X3D widgets, equipped with configurable appearance and behavior. With this library, we attempt to standardize the GUI construction across various X3D-driven projects, and improve the usability, compatibility, adaptability, readability, and flexibility of many existing applications.


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