Extending the R Language with a Scalable Matrix Summarization Operator

by   Siva Uday Sampreeth Chebolu, et al.

Analysts prefer simpler interpreted languages to program their computations. Prominent languages include R, Python, and Matlab. On the other hand, analysts aim to compute mathematical models as fast as possible, especially with large data sets. Data summarization remains a fundamental technique to accelerate machine learning computations. Based on this motivation, we propose a novel summarization mechanism computed via a single matrix multiplication in the statistical R language. We show our summarization benefits a large family of linear models, including Linear Regression, PCA, and Naive Bayes. We present a subsystem that enables exploiting summarization by detecting Gramian matrix products in R. We optimize the existing R source code by overriding the internal R matrix multiplication algorithm using ours. Our solution can be plugged into R and help solving where a similar matrix multiplication appears, much faster and without RAM limitations. Moreover, our solution can be benefited from the parallel processing ability of the summarization matrix. We present an experimental validation showing our subsystem incurs little overhead since it works on source code while providing much faster speeds compared to the R language built-in functions. To round up our comparisons, we also compare our subsystem with Spark in parallel machines. For our solution, we assume that data can be in the HDFS, disk, or already partitioned. Our solution triumphs Spark in most cases proving we can also compete in the big data space.



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