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Extend the lifetime of wireless sensor networks by modifying cluster-based data collection

by   Nahid Ebrahimi, et al.

Wireless sensor networks have significant potential to increase our ability to view and control the physical environment, but the issue of power consumption in these networks has become an important parameter in their reliability and since in many applications of networks. Wireless sensor needs to guarantee end-to-end quality parameters, support for quality of service in these networks is of utmost importance. In wireless sensor networks, one of the most important issues is the lifetime of each network, which is directly related to the energy consumption of the network sensors. Increasing network lifetime is one of the most challenging requirements in these types of networks. This paper presents a clustering approach to reduce power consumption in wireless sensor networks, which is the most effective method for scalability and energy consumption reduction in sensor networks. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can reduce the energy consumption of the wireless sensor network and dramatically increase the lifetime of the network.


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