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Expression Acceleration: Seamless Parallelization of Typed High-Level Languages

by   Lars Hummelgren, et al.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Efficient parallelization of algorithms on general-purpose GPUs is today essential in many areas. However, it is a non-trivial task for software engineers to utilize GPUs to improve the performance of high-level programs in general. Although many domain-specific approaches are available for GPU acceleration, it is difficult to accelerate existing high-level programs without rewriting parts of the programs using low-level GPU code. In this paper, we propose a different approach, where expressions are marked for acceleration, and the compiler automatically infers which code needs to be accelerated. We call this approach expression acceleration. We design a compiler pipeline for the approach and show how to handle several challenges, including expression extraction, well-formedness, and compiling using multiple backends. The approach is designed and implemented within a statically-typed functional intermediate language and evaluated using three distinct non-trivial case studies.


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