eXpOS: A Simple Pedagogical Operating System for Undergraduate Instruction

08/08/2020 ∙ by K. Murali Krishnan, et al. ∙ 0

An operating system project suitable for undergraduate computing/electrical sciences students is presented. The project can be used as a course project in a one semester course, or as a self-study project for motivated students. The course is organized such that a student with a basic background in programming and computer organization can follow the implementation road map available online, and build the OS from scratch on her personal machine/laptop, with minimal instructional supervision. The student is provided with a simulated abstract machine, an application interface specification, specification and design of the OS, and a step by step project implementation road map. The functionalities of the OS include multitasking, virtual memory, semaphores, shared memory, an elementary file system, interrupt driven disk and console I/O, and a limited multi-user support. The final stage of the project involves porting the OS to a two-core machine. An independent one semester compiler design project, where the student builds a compiler for a tiny object oriented programming language that generates target code that can be loaded and executed by the OS is also briefly discussed.



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