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Exponential convergence of a generalized FEM for heterogeneous reaction-diffusion equations

by   Chupeng Ma, et al.

A generalized finite element method is proposed for solving a heterogeneous reaction-diffusion equation with a singular perturbation parameter ε, based on locally approximating the solution on each subdomain by solution of a local reaction-diffusion equation and eigenfunctions of a local eigenproblem. These local problems are posed on some domains slightly larger than the subdomains with oversampling size δ^∗. The method is formulated at the continuous level as a direct discretization of the continuous problem and at the discrete level as a coarse-space approximation for its standard FE discretizations. Exponential decay rates for local approximation errors with respect to δ^∗/ε and δ^∗/h (at the discrete level with h denoting the fine FE mesh size) and with the local degrees of freedom are established. In particular, it is shown that the method at the continuous level converges uniformly with respect to ε in the standard H^1 norm, and that if the oversampling size is relatively large with respect to ε and h (at the discrete level), the solutions of the local reaction-diffusion equations provide good local approximations for the solution and thus the local eigenfunctions are not needed. Numerical results are provided to verify the theoretical results.


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