Explosive Material Detection and Security Alert System (e-DASS)

01/08/2020 ∙ by Salman Haider, et al. ∙ 0

The terrorism rate in Pakistan becomes higher even after the advancement of information technology. Especially APS Attack and numerous other in different part of country. The root cause of such attacks as according to our research is as: terrorists utilizing the benefit of lack of a full proof security check system. Traditional explosive detection systems are large in size, expensive and require manual attention. These systems are not much useful due to its public visibility intruder or terrorists can easily bypass the system using another route. This term paper is mainly focusing on explosive material detection using IoT with WSN. Explosive Material Detection and security alert system (e-DASS) consists of several hundreds of nodes depending upon the geographical area we are going to cover. Each node should be able to communicate with the other node and update the information if necessary. Tracking of the target can be done in an easier and faster way because all the nodes are synchronized. (e-DASS) is a power efficient explosive detection system. Most of the times nodes will be in the idle state, unless and until positive presence of an explosive is found.



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