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Exploring Turkish Speech Recognition via Hybrid CTC/Attention Architecture and Multi-feature Fusion Network

by   Zeyu Ren, et al.

In recent years, End-to-End speech recognition technology based on deep learning has developed rapidly. Due to the lack of Turkish speech data, the performance of Turkish speech recognition system is poor. Firstly, this paper studies a series of speech recognition tuning technologies. The results show that the performance of the model is the best when the data enhancement technology combining speed perturbation with noise addition is adopted and the beam search width is set to 16. Secondly, to maximize the use of effective feature information and improve the accuracy of feature extraction, this paper proposes a new feature extractor LSPC. LSPC and LiGRU network are combined to form a shared encoder structure, and model compression is realized. The results show that the performance of LSPC is better than MSPC and VGGnet when only using Fbank features, and the WER is improved by 1.01 Finally, based on the above two points, a new multi-feature fusion network is proposed as the main structure of the encoder. The results show that the WER of the proposed feature fusion network based on LSPC is improved by 0.82 1.94 feature) extraction using LSPC. Our model achieves performance comparable to that of advanced End-to-End models.


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