Exploring the Use of an Unsupervised Autoregressive Model as a Shared Encoder for Text-Dependent Speaker Verification

by   Vijay Ravi, et al.

In this paper, we propose a novel way of addressing text-dependent automatic speaker verification (TD-ASV) by using a shared-encoder with task-specific decoders. An autoregressive predictive coding (APC) encoder is pre-trained in an unsupervised manner using both out-of-domain (LibriSpeech, VoxCeleb) and in-domain (DeepMine) unlabeled datasets to learn generic, high-level feature representation that encapsulates speaker and phonetic content. Two task-specific decoders were trained using labeled datasets to classify speakers (SID) and phrases (PID). Speaker embeddings extracted from the SID decoder were scored using a PLDA. SID and PID systems were fused at the score level. There is a 51.9 supervised x-vector baseline on the cross-lingual DeepMine dataset. However, the i-vector/HMM method outperformed the proposed APC encoder-decoder system. A fusion of the x-vector/PLDA baseline and the SID/PLDA scores prior to PID fusion further improved performance by 15 proposed approach to the x-vector system. We show that the proposed approach can leverage from large, unlabeled, data-rich domains, and learn speech patterns independent of downstream tasks. Such a system can provide competitive performance in domain-mismatched scenarios where test data is from data-scarce domains.


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