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Exploring Rich and Efficient Spatial Temporal Interactions for Real Time Video Salient Object Detection

by   Chenglizhao Chen, et al.
NetEase, Inc

The current main stream methods formulate their video saliency mainly from two independent venues, i.e., the spatial and temporal branches. As a complementary component, the main task for the temporal branch is to intermittently focus the spatial branch on those regions with salient movements. In this way, even though the overall video saliency quality is heavily dependent on its spatial branch, however, the performance of the temporal branch still matter. Thus, the key factor to improve the overall video saliency is how to further boost the performance of these branches efficiently. In this paper, we propose a novel spatiotemporal network to achieve such improvement in a full interactive fashion. We integrate a lightweight temporal model into the spatial branch to coarsely locate those spatially salient regions which are correlated with trustworthy salient movements. Meanwhile, the spatial branch itself is able to recurrently refine the temporal model in a multi-scale manner. In this way, both the spatial and temporal branches are able to interact with each other, achieving the mutual performance improvement. Our method is easy to implement yet effective, achieving high quality video saliency detection in real-time speed with 50 FPS.


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