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Exploring Euroleague History using Basic Statistics

by   Christos Katris, et al.

In this paper are used historical statistical data to track the evolution of the game in the European-wide top-tier level professional basketball club competition (until 2017-2018 season) and also are answered questions by analyzing them. The term basic is referred because of the nature of the data (not available detailed statistics) and of the level of aggregation (not disaggregation to individual level). We are examining themes such as the dominance per geographic area, the level of the competition in the game, the evolution of scoring pluralism and possessions in the finals, the effect of a top scorer in the performance of a team and the existence of unexpected outcomes in final fours. For each theme under consideration, available statistical data is specified and suitable statistical analysis is applied. The analysis allows us to handle and answer the above themes and interesting conclusions are drawn. This paper can be an example of statistical thinking in basketball problems by the means of using efficiently available statistical data.


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