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Exploring Current User Web Search Behaviours in Analysis Tasks to be Supported in Conversational Search

by   Abhishek Kaushik, et al.

Conversational search presents opportunities to support users in their search activities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of search while reducing their cognitive load. Limitations of the potential competency of conversational agents restrict the situations for which conversational search agents can replace human intermediaries. It is thus more interesting, initially at least, to investigate opportunities for conversational interaction to support less complex information retrieval tasks, such as typical web search, which do not require human-level intelligence in the conversational agent. In order to move towards the development of a system to enable conversational search of this type, we need to understand their required capabilities. To progress our understanding of these, we report a study examining the behaviour of users when using a standard web search engine, designed to enable us to identify opportunities to support their search activities using a conversational agent.


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