Exploiting Path Information for Anchor Based Graph Neural Network

by   Yuheng Lu, et al.

Learning node representation that incorporating information from graph structure benefits wide range of tasks on graph. Majority of existing graph neural networks (GNNs) have limited power in capturing position information for a given node. The idea of positioning nodes with selected anchors has been exploit, yet mainly rely on explicit labeling of distance information. Here we propose Graph Inference Representation (GIR), an anchor based GNN encoding path information related to anchors for each node. Abilities to get position-aware embedding are theoretically and experimentally investigated on GIRs and its core variants. Further, the complementary characteristic of GIRs and typical GNNs embeddings are demonstrated. We show that GIRs get outperformed results on position-aware scenario, and could improve GNNs results by fuse GIRs embedding.


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