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Exploiting Inter-User Interference for Secure Massive Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

by   Xiaoming Chen, et al.
Zhejiang University

This paper considers the security issue of the fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks with massive connections, where multiple eavesdroppers aim to intercept the confidential messages through active eavesdropping. To realize secure massive access, non-orthogonal channel estimation (NOCE) and non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) techniques are combined to enhance the signal quality at legitimate users, while the inter-user interference is harnessed to deliberately confuse the eavesdroppers even without exploiting artificial noise (AN). We first analyze the secrecy performance of the considered secure massive access system and derive a closed-form expression for the ergodic secrecy rate. In particular, we reveal the impact of some key system parameters on the ergodic secrecy rate via asymptotic analysis with respect to a large number of antennas and a high transmit power at the base station (BS). Then, to fully exploit the inter-user interference for security enhancement, we propose to optimize the transmit powers in the stages of channel estimation and multiple access. Finally, extensive simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed secure massive access scheme.


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