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Explicit Interaction Network for Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction

by   Peiyi Wang, et al.

Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction (ASTE) aims to recognize targets, their sentiment polarities and opinions explaining the sentiment from a sentence. ASTE could be naturally divided into 3 atom subtasks, namely target detection, opinion detection and sentiment classification. We argue that the proper subtask combination, compositional feature extraction for target-opinion pairs, and interaction between subtasks would be the key to success. Prior work, however, may fail on `one-to-many' or `many-to-one' situations, or derive non-existent sentiment triplets due to defective subtask formulation, sub-optimal feature representation or the lack of subtask interaction. In this paper, we divide ASTE into target-opinion joint detection and sentiment classification subtasks, which is in line with human cognition, and correspondingly propose sequence encoder and table encoder. Table encoder extracts sentiment at token-pair level, so that the compositional feature between targets and opinions can be easily captured. To establish explicit interaction between subtasks, we utilize the table representation to guide the sequence encoding, and inject the sequence features back into the table encoder. Experiments show that our model outperforms state-of-the-art methods on six popular ASTE datasets.


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