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Explaining The Behavior Of Black-Box Prediction Algorithms With Causal Learning

by   Numair Sani, et al.
Johns Hopkins University

We propose to explain the behavior of black-box prediction methods (e.g., deep neural networks trained on image pixel data) using causal graphical models. Specifically, we explore learning the structure of a causal graph where the nodes represent prediction outcomes along with a set of macro-level "interpretable" features, while allowing for arbitrary unmeasured confounding among these variables. The resulting graph may indicate which of the interpretable features, if any, are possible causes of the prediction outcome and which may be merely associated with prediction outcomes due to confounding. The approach is motivated by a counterfactual theory of causal explanation wherein good explanations point to factors which are "difference-makers" in an interventionist sense. The resulting analysis may be useful in algorithm auditing and evaluation, by identifying features which make a causal difference to the algorithm's output.


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