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Explaining a Deep Reinforcement Learning Docking Agent Using Linear Model Trees with User Adapted Visualization

by   Vilde B. Gjærum, et al.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) can be useful within the marine robotics field, but their utility value is restricted by their black-box nature. Explainable artificial intelligence methods attempt to understand how such black-boxes make their decisions. In this work, linear model trees (LMTs) are used to approximate the DNN controlling an autonomous surface vessel (ASV) in a simulated environment and then run in parallel with the DNN to give explanations in the form of feature attributions in real-time. How well a model can be understood depends not only on the explanation itself, but also on how well it is presented and adapted to the receiver of said explanation. Different end-users may need both different types of explanations, as well as different representations of these. The main contributions of this work are (1) significantly improving both the accuracy and the build time of a greedy approach for building LMTs by introducing ordering of features in the splitting of the tree, (2) giving an overview of the characteristics of the seafarer/operator and the developer as two different end-users of the agent and receiver of the explanations, and (3) suggesting a visualization of the docking agent, the environment, and the feature attributions given by the LMT for when the developer is the end-user of the system, and another visualization for when the seafarer or operator is the end-user, based on their different characteristics.


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