Explainable Graph-based Search for Lessons-Learned Documents in the Semiconductor Industry

05/18/2021 ∙ by Hasan Abu-Rasheed, et al. ∙ 0

Industrial processes produce a considerable volume of data and thus information. Whether it is structured sensory data or semi- to unstructured textual data, the knowledge that can be derived from it is critical to the sustainable development of the industrial process. A key challenge of this sustainability is the intelligent management of the generated data, as well as the knowledge extracted from it, in order to utilize this knowledge for improving future procedures. This challenge is a result of the tailored documentation methods and domain-specific requirements, which include the need for quick visibility of the documented knowledge. In this paper, we utilize the expert knowledge documented in chip-design failure reports in supporting user access to information that is relevant to a current chip design. Unstructured, free, textual data in previous failure documentations provides a valuable source of lessons-learned, which expert design-engineers have experienced, solved and documented. To achieve a sustainable utilization of knowledge within the company, not only the inherent knowledge has to be mined from unstructured textual data, but also the relations between the lessons-learned, uncovering potentially unknown links. In this research, a knowledge graph is constructed, in order to represent and use the interconnections between reported design failures. A search engine is developed and applied onto the graph to answer queries. In contrast to mere keyword-based searching, the searchability of the knowledge graph offers enhanced search results beyond direct matches and acts as a mean for generating explainable results and result recommendations. Results are provided to the design engineer through an interactive search interface, in which, the feedback from the user is used to further optimize relations for future iterations of the knowledge graph.



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