Expert decision support system for aeroacoustic classification

by   Armin Goudarzi, et al.

This paper presents an expert decision support system for time-invariant aeroacoustic source classification. The system comprises two steps: first, the calculation of acoustic properties based on spectral and spatial information; and second, the clustering of the sources based on these properties. Example data of two scaled airframe half-model wind tunnel measurements is evaluated based on deconvolved beamforming maps. A variety of aeroacoustic features are proposed that capture the characteristics and properties of the spectra. These features represent aeroacoustic properties that can be interpreted by both the machine and experts. The features are independent of absolute flow parameters such as the observed Mach numbers. This enables the proposed method to analyze data which is measured at different flow configurations. The aeroacoustic sources are clustered based on these features to determine similar or atypical behavior. For the given example data, the method results in source type clusters that correspond to human expert classification of the source types. Combined with a classification confidence and the mean feature values for each cluster, these clusters help aeroacoustic experts in classifying the identified sources and support them in analyzing their typical behavior and identifying spurious sources in-situ during measurement campaigns.



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