Experimental Phase-Matching Quantum Key Distribution without Intensity Modulation

by   Shan-Feng Shao, et al.
Nanjing University

Quantum key distribution provides a promising solution for sharing secure keys between two distant parties with unconditional security. Nevertheless, quantum key distribution is still severely threatened by the imperfections of devices. In particular, the classical pulse correlation threatens security when sending decoy states. To address this problem and simplify experimental requirements, we propose a phase-matching quantum key distribution protocol without intensity modulation. Instead of using decoy states, we propose a novel method to estimate the theoretical upper bound on the phase error rate contributed by even-photon-number components. Simulation results show that the transmission distance of our protocol could reach 270 km in telecommunication fiber. Furthermore, we perform a proof-of-principle experiment to demonstrate the feasibility of our protocol, and the key rate reaches 14.1 bps under a 40 dB channel loss. Addressing the security loophole of pulse intensity correlation and replacing continuous random phase with 6 or 8 slices random phase, our protocol provides a promising solution for constructing quantum networks.


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