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ExperienceThinking: Hyperparameter Optimization with Budget Constraints

by   Chunnan Wang, et al.
Harbin Institute of Technology
University of California, San Diego

The problem of hyperparameter optimization exists widely in the real life and many common tasks can be transformed into it, such as neural architecture search and feature subset selection. Without considering various constraints, the existing hyperparameter tuning techniques can solve these problems effectively by traversing as many hyperparameter configurations as possible. However, because of the limited resources and budget, it is not feasible to evaluate so many kinds of configurations, which requires us to design effective algorithms to find a best possible hyperparameter configuration with a finite number of configuration evaluations. In this paper, we simulate human thinking processes and combine the merit of the existing techniques, and thus propose a new algorithm called ExperienceThinking, trying to solve this constrained hyperparameter optimization problem. In addition, we analyze the performances of 3 classical hyperparameter optimization algorithms with a finite number of configuration evaluations, and compare with that of ExperienceThinking. The experimental results show that our proposed algorithm provides superior results and has better performance.


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