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Experience in engineering of scientific software: The case of an optimization software for oil pipelines

by   Vahid Garousi, et al.

Development of scientific and engineering software is usually different and could be more challenging than the development of conventional enterprise software. The authors were involved in a technology-transfer project between academia and industry which focused on engineering, development and testing of a software for optimization of pumping energy costs for oil pipelines. Experts with different skillsets (mechanical, power and software engineers) were involved. Given the complex nature of the software (a sophisticated underlying optimization model) and having experts from different fields, there were challenges in various software engineering aspects of the software system (e.g., requirements and testing). We report our observations and experience in addressing those challenges during our technology-transfer project, and aim to add to the existing body of experience and evidence in engineering of scientific and engineering software. We believe that our observations, experience and lessons learnt could be useful for other researchers and practitioners in engineering of other scientific and engineering software systems.


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