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Expected participation and mentality of smart citizen in smart cities

by   Katalin Feher, et al.

The purpose is to investigate the expected participation and mentality of smart citizens in smart cities. The key question is the role of the human factor in smart environments globally studied through a research corpus of 150 documents including mainstream summaries trend reports, white papers and visions of business, governmental and university research cooperations reaching a wide audience of the subject. Foremost, a short review of the changing scholarly trends is presented as a theoretical framework. Concerning its key ideas, the corpus based findings are recapped and analysed by content networks and the most referred city strategies. Besides, a critical approach reveal further required factors and risks to investigate. The ultimate goal is to understand how the smart city landscape is shaped by citizen-based strategies, open data, empowerment and responsibility. Accordingly, the paper closes with further considerations regarding the importance of anonymous open data, advantages of neighbourhood-based implementations, aspects of permanent and temporary citizen-engagements, interpretation of metaphors or upcoming technologies, and also, privacy and ethical issues. The results provide the policy development and the emerging scholarly interest with a framework study.


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