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Exact MAP-Inference by Confining Combinatorial Search with LP Relaxation

by   Stefan Haller, et al.
University of Heidelberg

We consider the MAP-inference problem for graphical models, which is a valued constraint satisfaction problem defined on real numbers with a natural summation operation. We propose a family of relaxations (different from the famous Sherali-Adams hierarchy), which naturally define lower bounds for its optimum. This family always contains a tight relaxation and we give an algorithm able to find it and therefore, solve the initial non-relaxed NP-hard problem. The relaxations we consider decompose the original problem into two non-overlapping parts: an easy LP-tight part and a difficult one. For the latter part a combinatorial solver must be used. As we show in our experiments, in a number of applications the second, difficult part constitutes only a small fraction of the whole problem. This property allows to significantly reduce the computational time of the combinatorial solver and therefore solve problems which were out of reach before.


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