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Evolved Policy Gradients

by   Rein Houthooft, et al.

We propose a meta-learning approach for learning gradient-based reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms. The idea is to evolve a differentiable loss function, such that an agent, which optimizes its policy to minimize this loss, will achieve high rewards. The loss is parametrized via temporal convolutions over the agent's experience. Because this loss is highly flexible in its ability to take into account the agent's history, it enables fast task learning and eliminates the need for reward shaping at test time. Empirical results show that our evolved policy gradient algorithm achieves faster learning on several randomized environments compared to an off-the-shelf policy gradient method. Moreover, at test time, our learner optimizes only its learned loss function, and requires no explicit reward signal. In effect, the agent internalizes the reward structure, suggesting a direction toward agents that learn to solve new tasks simply from intrinsic motivation.


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