Evolutionary Design of Digital Circuits Using Genetic Programming

04/09/2013 ∙ by S. M. Ashik Eftekhar, et al. ∙ 0

For simple digital circuits, conventional method of designing circuits can easily be applied. But for complex digital circuits, the conventional method of designing circuits is not fruitfully applicable because it is time-consuming. On the contrary, Genetic Programming is used mostly for automatic program generation. The modern approach for designing Arithmetic circuits, commonly digital circuits, is based on Graphs. This graph-based evolutionary design of arithmetic circuits is a method of optimized designing of arithmetic circuits. In this paper, a new technique for evolutionary design of digital circuits is proposed using Genetic Programming (GP) with Subtree Mutation in place of Graph-based design. The results obtained using this technique demonstrates the potential capability of genetic programming in digital circuit design with limited computer algorithms. The proposed technique, helps to simplify and speed up the process of designing digital circuits, discovers a variation in the field of digital circuit design where optimized digital circuits can be successfully and effectively designed.



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