Evolution of artificial intelligence languages, a systematic literature review

by   Emmanuel Adetiba, et al.

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly received significant attention in recent years. AI is being adopted to provide solutions to problems in fields such as medicine, engineering, education, government and several other domains. In order to analyze the state of the art of research in the field of AI, we present a systematic literature review focusing on the Evolution of AI programming languages. We followed the systematic literature review method by searching relevant databases like SCOPUS, IEEE Xplore and Google Scholar. EndNote reference manager was used to catalog the relevant extracted papers. Our search returned a total of 6565 documents, whereof 69 studies were retained. Of the 69 retained studies, 15 documents discussed LISP programming language, another 34 discussed PROLOG programming language, the remaining 20 documents were spread between Logic and Object Oriented Programming (LOOP), ARCHLOG, Epistemic Ontology Language with Constraints (EOLC), Python, C++, ADA and JAVA programming languages. This review provides information on the year of implementation, development team, capabilities, limitations and applications of each of the AI programming languages discussed. The information in this review could guide practitioners and researchers in AI to make the right choice of languages to implement their novel AI methods.



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