EventHPE: Event-based 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

by   Shihao Zou, et al.

Event camera is an emerging imaging sensor for capturing dynamics of moving objects as events, which motivates our work in estimating 3D human pose and shape from the event signals. Events, on the other hand, have their unique challenges: rather than capturing static body postures, the event signals are best at capturing local motions. This leads us to propose a two-stage deep learning approach, called EventHPE. The first-stage, FlowNet, is trained by unsupervised learning to infer optical flow from events. Both events and optical flow are closely related to human body dynamics, which are fed as input to the ShapeNet in the second stage, to estimate 3D human shapes. To mitigate the discrepancy between image-based flow (optical flow) and shape-based flow (vertices movement of human body shape), a novel flow coherence loss is introduced by exploiting the fact that both flows are originated from the identical human motion. An in-house event-based 3D human dataset is curated that comes with 3D pose and shape annotations, which is by far the largest one to our knowledge. Empirical evaluations on DHP19 dataset and our in-house dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.


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