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Event-Driven Testing For Edge Applications

by   F. Nikolaidis, et al.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge computing, a considerable amount of system services are moving from reliable Cloud data centers to less reliable infrastructures closer to the end-users. However, the constrained resources, unreliable communication, and varying operating conditions of IoT pose significant complexities for software vendors in testing their applications. Although several emulators exist for testing IoT systems, numerous issues can be pointed out, such as lacking support for logical dependencies and advanced fault injection capabilities, requiring manual validation of the system's behavior, or focusing on a specific platform and language. To address these limitations, we propose Frisbee: a framework for the automated testing of IoT applications. Frisbee accelerates the testing process by simplifying the spin-up of distributed virtual testbeds over Kubernetes and the description of `what-if' scenarios that integrate complex sequences of workloads and faultloads.


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