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Event Coreference Resolution for Contentious Politics Events

by   Ali Hürriyetoğlu, et al.
Koç University
Sabancı University

We propose a dataset for event coreference resolution, which is based on random samples drawn from multiple sources, languages, and countries. Early scholarship on event information collection has not quantified the contribution of event coreference resolution. We prepared and analyzed a representative multilingual corpus and measured the performance and contribution of the state-of-the-art event coreference resolution approaches. We found that almost half of the event mentions in documents co-occur with other event mentions and this makes it inevitable to obtain erroneous or partial event information. We showed that event coreference resolution could help improving this situation. Our contribution sheds light on a challenge that has been overlooked or hard to study to date. Future event information collection studies can be designed based on the results we present in this report. The repository for this study is on


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